Calm the Hell Down

When faced with the option of calmly walking toward Bass Head Lighthouse in coastal Maine or running in a frantic attempt to catch the sunset, take a look around, note what everyone else is doing, and react accordingly.

Do not, hypothetically speaking, abandon your car full of friends, scream at them for not showing any sense of urgency and refusing to run, and sprint over a series of jagged rocks toward the lighthouse. If you do that, your flip flop is going to slip off your foot. This will cause you to smash both your camera and hand on the rocks, scraping large portions of skin off several fingers.

Maine / August 2013 / At Least It's a Good Story

Maine / August 2013 / At Least It’s a Good Story


Multiple, very audible gasps and “oh my GOD!”s will follow as concerned strangers stare at your broken body perched over the rocks like a battered seal. “Was THAT worth it?” your cruel and disgusted travel companions will demand when they find your bloodied hot mess of self minutes later.

“Yes, it WAS.”

But as you’re sitting alone in the car, applying Neosporin and bandages to your hands while your friends enjoy the sunset, take a good, hard look in the rearview mirror. And then calm the HELL down.

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