You Might Be Mistaken for a Lesbian

When you go on a wine tour with one of your best gal pals…on Valentine’s Day…in and around San Francisco…mistakes are made.

But no matter–you’ll be too busy worrying about your bus driver to seek out any sort of heterosexual weekend fling.

San Francisco / February 2010 / At Least It's a Good Story

San Francisco / February 2010 / At Least It’s a Good Story

The individual responsible for your safety and well-being will be named Gordy. He’ll claim he used to play basketball with “Carlo” Santana. He’ll also tell you his favorite actress is Jennifer Hewitt Love from the show “The Ghost Hunter.” You won’t have the heart to tell him her name is Jennifer Love Hewitt and the show is “The Ghost Whisperer.”

Gordy is fond of playing the Josh Groban power balled “You Raise Me Up” while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, a poignant tribute to the San Francisco fog. Turns out he’s also fond of helping himself to various wine tastings in between driving a bus full of passengers.

Lord JESUS, raise us up.

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