Dance, Monkey, Dance!

You could have a snaggle tooth that cuts glass and a rather debilitating gimp, but no matter–if you’re in Ireland, you’re going to get hit on. It’s just a beautiful fact of life.

Yet with such stolen glances and free drinks comes responsibility. Namely, when an old Irish man asks you to dance, you must dance, dammit. You may not feel up to it, and you may even use the excuse that you’d love to take a spin, but there’s no place to hang your coat. In America, no problem.

Galway / June 2008 / At Least It's a Good Story

Galway / June 2008 / At Least It’s a Good Story

But this is Ireland. And this 65-year-old Irish man will hear your dilemma and he will proceed to pull a hanger out of the front of his pants, hang your coat off of the stage where the band is playing and twirl you into the center. And for the rest of your life, you’ll be able to tell people that a man not only stored, but pulled a hanger out of his PANTS in order to dance with you.

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